Closeup photo of man's hand pointing out termite damage and a live termite.

One pest control issue that people don’t really take seriously until it actually hits is termites. These creepy crawlies can do a ton of damage in a short amount of time, and they are not to be taken lightly. If you have recently discovered that you have a termite problem, it is time to call out Clean & Treat Co. Not even the toughest outbreak of termites can stand up to Clean & Treat Co’s Liquid Defend System. Remember – the sooner you act, the sooner the problem can be alleviated.

Some companies might tell you that your only option against termites is tenting. However, Clean & Treat Co’s no tent termite control is a great way to eliminate the pests without fumigation. Clean & Treat Co uses their liquid treatment to catch termites at key entry points. Termites ingest the treatment, and spread it to other colony members, reducing the population until it’s gone. You can also go with a baiting program, where baiting stations are strategically placed around your home.

Clean & Treat Co offers termite protection, along with the strongest guarantee in the business. After the initial service, your home will be inspected annually. If the problem comes back, your home will be re-treated at no extra cost, until the termites are gone. That is the advantage of using a company that puts your total satisfaction at the forefront. Contact Clean & Treat Co, today, and set up your appointment.

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