31As South Florida returns to its hot and humid ways, it becomes a perfect breeding ground for many pests. Those in our area are no strangers to bugs, rodents, termites and other areas that Clean & Treat Co. covers. If you want to make sure that these creepy crawlies never threaten to take over control of your property, you need an experienced pest control company on your side. Clean & Treat Co. knows what it takes to remove your problem, and keep it away, as well. That will ensure you are ready to entertain friends and family during the upcoming months.

Termites are a type of pest that causes a lot of trepidation, and with good reason. When they are left unchecked, these pests can cause an extreme amount of property damage. However, as a recent article in the Beaumont Enterprise discussed, termites may show their hand before they do damage. Though the article is talking about the Texas region, similar conditions allow termites to prevail in our area, too. If you notice a termite swarm outside, there is a chance there may be one setting up inside your home.

If you notice a termite swarm, or any other pest related problem, don’t hesitate to call Clean & Treat Co. They know that you have worked hard to obtain a property that you can be proud to show off. But, when creepy crawlies threaten to take over, you may hesitate to invite people over. That should never be your reality, and with an experienced pest control team on your side, it won’t be. Contact Clean & Treat Co., today, and set up your appointment.

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