35With summer almost here, it is time to be prepared for more pests. Hot and wet weather ensures that there will be bugs aplenty for the next few months. And, unless you take the proper measures, these creepy crawlies may threaten to seize control of your property. The most common animal pest in Florida is the rodent, and they are known to carry bacteria and disease. Clean & Treat Co. takes care of your rodent problem, starting with rodent trapping services.

  • Placement of the newest and most effective rodent traps along with a non-toxic bait used as an attractant.
  • Traps will be checked regularly for bait additions and rodent removal.
  • No poisons will be used in the attic or inside of the home. Dead rodents inside of wall cavities will cause terrible odors, expensive extraction service and wall repairs, not to mention possible dangers to children and pets.

Protecting you and your loved ones from the viral and bacterial disease spread by rodents is Clean & Treat Co.’s biggest priority. However, it is important to go about things in the right way, to avoid causing bigger issues. Clean & Treat Co. uses environmentally responsible products, as they take care of your issue, and attempt to keep it away for good. Plus, their full rodent services come with a one year warranty and satisfaction guarantee! So, contact Clean & Treat Co., today, and set up your appointment.

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