27There are many pests that you have to deal with in the South Florida area. But, regardless of what creepy crawly is invading your property, you should never have to live with it. Clean & Treat Co. can come out and take care of your issue, and keep it away, as well. One common issue in our area is termites, and they can cause some serious damage. But, Clean & Treat Co. has treatment options, and they don’t include the dreaded tenting that many companies believe in.

Clean & Treat Co. “No Tent” Advantages:
NO need to move out of your home
NO removal of plants or flowers
NO removal of un-canned foods
NO removal of cosmetics or medications
NO risk of landscaping or roof damage
NO disconnecting of satellites or antennas
NO special shrub or tree trimming required

Don’t let another pest control company try to convince you that tenting is the only option. With Clean & Treat Co. taking care of your issue, you will be back in your home in a matter of hours, instead of days. Plus, your complete satisfaction is their number one priority, which means if your problem returns, they do too. Come see the obvious difference that comes with using a company that puts your needs first. Contact Clean & Treat Co., today, and set up your appointment.

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