Pest Controller In GardenAs temperatures remain on the cool side, how is it affecting your property? Specifically, are you seeing an increase or decrease in any pests? While some species don’t do well in the cold, others will make do by forcing their way inside your home. So, if you see some new creepy crawlies hanging around, you aren’t alone. Clean & Treat Co.utilizes integrated pest management services to keep your property protected, and these measures include:

  • Exterior inspection of home for harborage points, access points and conducive conditions
  • Cleaning of cobb-webs, mud-daubers and spider webs
  • Exterior spraying and or granulating
  • Spot treatment of interior as needed only

Clean & Treat Co. is ready to come rid your property of unwanted guests, and help it stay that way. As the seasons change, so too do the pests that you must be prepared to battle. The bottom line is that you’ve worked too hard to acquire a property that you can be proud to show off, to have to share it with pests. Make sure that you have complete control over your property, all of the time! Contact Clean & Treat Co., today, and set up your appointment.

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