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Rodent Elimination For Commercial Properties In Palm Beach County

With warm weather here, and hotter weather on the way, area businesses can expect to see more signs of rodents and even a few beady, little eyes staring back at them from closets, dumpsters, and anywhere else they can hide or find something to eat. Rodent elimination for commercial properties throughout Palm Beach County is needed to help keep them open and supporting their customers. At Clean & Treat, we…

Interior Pest Control In West Palm Beach

With an incredibly diverse insect and animal population in our state, West Palm Beach homeowners can face a greater threat to their properties than in other parts of the country. It is also why every home needs an individual plan to deal with the pest threat. If you need interior pest control for your West Palm Beach property, Clean & Treat specialists exam it from the roof to the garage…

Termite Control for Lake Worth Properties

In Lake Worth, there are multiple threats when it comes to insect and other pest infestations. One of the worst threats that affect area homes and businesses are termites. Each type of species requires a plan designed to not only eliminate the specific, current threats but also reduce and eliminate the threat of future infestations. It is the heart of every Clean & Treat “No Tent” pest control plan for…

Residential Pest Control Planning For Palm Beach Gardens Homes

Palm Beach Gardens is one of the more beautiful places to live in our county. Even with the occasional, extreme weather, the community grows with every year. What many new, and not so new, residents often forget is the threat from area pests. At Clean & Treat, we take residential pest control for our Palm Beach Gardens neighbors very seriously. With each customer, our extermination specialists carefully inspect not just…

Termite Control Methods For West Palm Beach Neighborhoods

In West Palm Beach, there are multiple threats to our homes from insects and other pests. Some of the more dangerous ones to the physical structure are the termites which infest nearly every acre in our area. For thorough termite control in and around their West Palm Beach home, each resident needs an annual maintenance plan. It must contain regular, preventive measures to deal with the threat from both Drywood…

Rodent Elimination in West Palm Beach Commercial and Residential Properties

For many residents in West Palm Beach, rodents are the biggest problem when it comes to pests. They can flatten themselves enough to squeeze in under garage doors, burrow under outside walls, and some can even chew through wire screens to sneak in where pipes and cables enter homes and businesses. With more than 20 years in rodent elimination around West Palm Beach commercial and residential properties, Clean & Treat…