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Residential Pest Control Planning For Palm Beach Gardens Homes

Palm Beach Gardens is one of the more beautiful places to live in our county. Even with the occasional, extreme weather, the community grows with every year. What many new, and not so new, residents often forget is the threat from area pests. At Clean & Treat, we take residential pest control for our Palm Beach Gardens neighbors very seriously. With each customer, our extermination specialists carefully inspect not just…

Termite Control Methods For West Palm Beach Neighborhoods

In West Palm Beach, there are multiple threats to our homes from insects and other pests. Some of the more dangerous ones to the physical structure are the termites which infest nearly every acre in our area. For thorough termite control in and around their West Palm Beach home, each resident needs an annual maintenance plan. It must contain regular, preventive measures to deal with the threat from both Drywood…

Rodent Elimination in West Palm Beach Commercial and Residential Properties

For many residents in West Palm Beach, rodents are the biggest problem when it comes to pests. They can flatten themselves enough to squeeze in under garage doors, burrow under outside walls, and some can even chew through wire screens to sneak in where pipes and cables enter homes and businesses. With more than 20 years in rodent elimination around West Palm Beach commercial and residential properties, Clean & Treat…

Professional Pest Control for your Jupiter Lawn

Every Jupiter homeowner needs to keep their lawn healthy and pest-free. A professional lawn care service can do that with options and control plans that keep pests out with insecticides and pesticides but also protect landscaping with the tailored application of fertilizers and herbicides. Pest control for your Jupiter lawn starts with a plan of attack and defense. At Clean & Treat, we develop an IPM, or an Integrated Pest…


Lake Worth homes face an extensive number of threats from indigenous and foreign pests brought in with food and animals. At Clean & Treat, we offer plans tailored to every home to keep it safe from everything from rodents to termites. A thorough interior pest control plan for any Lake Worth home includes insecticides, pesticides, baits, and traps. Our control teams start at ground level to determine how each type…

Clean & Treat Exterior Pest Control Actions for Jupiter Homes

Jupiter is simply one of the nicest little cities in Florida. Our homes are constantly held up as an example of why people should move here to start a family or retire in comfort. Our only drawbacks are the occasional hurricane and the incredible variety of pests that can affect homes. The best pest control inside a Jupiter home is to stop them in the exterior. Clean & Treat teams…